2012-06-13 19:57 #0 av: AmandaChristina

Zacky har nu tagit sig an den första uppsättningen av frågor ställda av Avenged Sevenfold fans!

Justin Storm: Are you guys in the process of making a new album?

Right now were just resting up. We gave every thing we had on the album Nightmare and the near 2 years of touring that followed. We want to be ready and focused when it comes time to deliver our fans the next piece.

Ollie Jeanes: What are your hobbies when not on tour?
I collect alot of macabre stuff. I like playing music way too loud. I like driving around in my 1962 continental. I also like playing with my dogs and rat. I always keep focused on A7X though because its a big world and our fans dont rest. I like the trouble Vengeance University keeps me in also its the fountain of youth.

Adnan Alihodzic: What is the most awkward moment you guys had live?
There has been too many to count. Murphys law is a real thing. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It’s all about having fun up there. We used to beat ourselves up over little technical difficulties, now we are a little older and more established and we can laugh about it. As long as our fans are having a good time then so are we.

Christie Murdoch: What is your most memorable funny moment?
The time I lit a clown on fire…

Steve Holtz: Who is your favorite modern guitar player?
Synyster Gates because I like him and hes funny and a great drinking partner. To me being good at an instrument isn’t as impressive as being awesome at life.